Getting Started with EMS or CMS

To help us get started with your work, we require that you follow the sequence below:
  • Send us the Gerber file in RS-274X format, as you are sending for pcb making by email.
  • Sample board with the BOM file in our specified format (email us your company details, we will send you the predefined BOM), alongwith your minimum and maximum quantity requirements per month.
  • We will send you our quote for the board quantities and the stencils.
  • Send us the Workorder for making the stencils.
  • You need to send us the Centroid data file for the Pick and Place and AOI machines in our specified format.
  • Send us the material (CMS) or the purchase order with advance (EMS) as the case maybe, as per our requirements and terms.
  • We will inform date and mode of delivery.